Li Xiang was invited by Frame Awards, and shared her design experience of eight years of entrepreneurship experience

On February 20, 2019, Li Xiang, a well-known Chinese designer, went to Amsterdam to be the international judge of the Frame Awards retail group at the invitation of FRAME, the top Dutch magazine.

In addition to completing a four-hour on-site review, Li Xiang delivered an independent speech on the scene of Frame Awards,  sharing her experience of eight years of entrepreneurship.

This speech, which analyzed the predicament and outlet of Chinese designers, provided a professional perspective for many well-known international designers to observe and understand the Chinese market. 

From a traditional construction company to an international enterprise providing comprehensive design services, under the leadership of Li Xiang, founder and design director, and with retail format as its origin, the company has developed into a variety of business fields such as hotels, offices and shopping malls in a few years.

It is precisely because of the design power, that the energy of Chinese designers can be transmitted to a broader horizon and shine more brilliantly on the international stage.