Li Xiang was invited to share her driving force of innovation at the 2020 "Yanjie Talks · Foreseeing the Future" cross year speech Conference

On January 6 2020, "YANJIE Talks", a professional speech program in China's design industry, combined with Dop Design, which is the online university of 10 million designers, to hold the cross year speech conference "YANJIE Talks · Foreseeing the Future" in Hongqiao Artistic Center. 

Li Xiang, founder of X+Living, was invited to attend the speech conference. At the same time, famous celebrities and cross media artists in the design industry are also invited. 

During the speech, Li Xiang took "Innovation: Surprise in the Absurd World" as the title to share  what is the driving force of her design and how she started from "design DNA" to bring public more surprises and inspirations.