Meland club wins 2020 Frame Awards - Entertainment Venue of the Year

On February 20, 2020, at the Frame Awards 2020 ceremony, Meland Club won the Entertainment Venue of the Year.

The total number of Frame Awarded is 83, and the number of awards of Chinese projects is 12, accounting for 14.5%. The award-winning projects are divided into two categories: people's choice and jury prize. Under the selection of jury prize, Meland Club (Wuhan), the design work of X+LIVING, has been selected from more than 1000 global design works and won the award finally.           

Frame awards is the world's first and only international competition in interior design that adopts the holistic analysis method. The award is selected by an international jury of all industry stakeholders including interior designers, architects, retail brands, reception service providers, cultural institutions and academic experts.