X+Living Won 6 prizes in 2020 IDA

Recently, IDA had just announced its annual list of winners in 2020.

X+Living won 6 prizes in total with 1 golden award(Meland club), 1 silver award(Loong swim club ) and 2 bronze awards(Chongqing Zhongshge, Guiyang Zhongshuge ) and 2 honorary nomination awards(Yooyuumi Parent-child Restaurant, park zoo hotel ).

IDA (International Design Awards) is one of the most influential awards in the world, awarded to architectural design, interior design, product design, fashion design and graphic design. It advocates the disruption brought by interdisciplinary design to the industry. Focusing on conceptualizing and forward-thinking works has made IDA a 'weathervane' for the world's most prestigious design awards.